I’m Amber Millman, and I have been an entrepreneur for the past thirteen years. In late 2015, I closed my brick and mortar business of eight years and never looked back. I had this deep desire to help women with everything I’ve learned in life and business so I received my certification in life and business coaching. I’m on a mission to show women they can make a change in their life or business at any stage and at any age. I’m on this journey to help as many women as I can by showing them how to create a life and business they truly love. I write all about my life and lessons as an entrepreneur in my book, Boss Up, Beautiful!

Here are a few things that I want you to know and remember!

I’m a big dreamer. I want you to dream big too!
I believe ambition and creativity are key!
I want you to believe in your dreams fiercely!
Remember that it all begins within!
Transformation is a beautiful thing!
Believe in limitless possibilities!
Follow your intuition fearlessly!


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