As you change and transform into the person you were meant to be, you will leave some people behind. Not everyone is meant to follow you on your next journey. You have to be okay with that; it’s not always easy and at times it’s hard to understand. What I’ve come to realize is, not everyone is going in the same direction as you. It’s sad and it can often feel lonely as you grow.  Just know that it will be alright and you should continue to grow, change and transform. The people who are meant to follow you will and the ones who aren’t; just make peace with it.

It took me some time to realize this as I was changing and transforming. My transformation was absolutely necessary so it no longer bothered me if it seemed like I was leaving people behind. I stopped caring what people thought, I stopped caring what people said and I just starting caring more about how I felt.

You will have haters, naysayers, and judgments passed upon you. Transform anyway and don’t look back! There is so much beauty in change! If you are not growing and changing then you are not living, and I want YOU to live the most beautiful life you can imagine.


Amber <3