You must believe with all of your heart that anything and everything that you want is yours. Your desires are there for a reason, they are not accidental, they are not coincidental. It’s your soul, your intuition, your highest self speaking to you. 

So with that being said, please make a wish from your heart. 

For ANYTHING you want.

And EVERYTHING you want.

Now BELIEVE it can come true. Feel it, envision it and trust that it’s on its way to you. 

Open your HEART and your MIND to the possibility of it, with absolute certainty. 

AND when you do that you just may get the very thing you’re wishing for, or even better, you may receive things beyond your wildest dreams. 

The world is full of magic like that, you just have to believe it with all your heart. And with absolute certainty that its already on its way to you. 

So again, make your wish.

Now BELIEVE in it with all of your heart. 


With love and positivity, 


Amber <3

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