There was a full blood moon and eclipse on Sunday 🌕

That means we have approximately EIGHT days left to lean in to the power of this transformative time; there won’t be another one for 19 years

Are you ready to make a change, evolve, transform, go to the next level 💫

Are you ready to let the excuses go, you know the ones,

But I don’t have time
But I have a JOB
But I have kids 
But I’m tired 
But I don’t have enough money

Well, you know what, I’ve been there too

I’ve made those same excuses 😏

However, I only made them when I DIDN’T want something that bad

On the other hand, when I have wanted something, NOTHING and NO ONE could stop me! 💥

I found the time 
I had the JOB AND worked on my business 
I have kids 
I was tired
And I found the money

Because, when you WANT something so badly, you will GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

It begins with a decision

It begins within 💫💜✨

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