Hi Beautiful!!

Spring is finally here! And I cannot be more excited about it! I love to create and use new colors as the season’s change. You can literally change your look each day depending on how you feel. That’s the beauty of makeup. I achieved this Spring Glowing Makeup look using the Violet Voss Ride or Die Palette.

I used the following steps for my eyes:

  • First, I applied the lightest color from my brow bone to lid as a base color (the 1st color, 1st row).
  • Then, I added the lightest matte brown color (3rd color, 1st row) just above the crease as my transition shade.
  • After that, I applied the lightest matte berry color (4th color, 1st row) in the crease. 
  • On the lid, I applied the shimmery champagne shade (2nd color, 1st row) to my lid.
  • Finally, I added both the made brown and matte berry shades to the lower lash line. 


For my face I used the following:

Amber <3

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