What DOES feed my soul…

Connecting with the people who want the same things, who desire to same things, who know they’re meant for more and aren’t afraid to go after it.

Coffee dates with other boss ladies.

Yoga to strengthen my body and free my mind.

Music and singing and dancing along like a silly child for the fun of it.

Walking to the beat of my own drum.

Not conforming to fit in.

What DOES NOT feed my soul…

Surrounding myself with people who act like life is happening to them and not for them.

Sitting and letting the time pass when I know I was supposed to do more.

Not pursuing the things I want to.

I know this because…..

I have been both of these people. I have been the driven, the ambitious, the go-getter.

I have also felt like the victim, and didn’t feed my soul the things that make me feel like my very best self.

But, what happens when I do that is, I don’t FEEL GOOD energetically.

I’d much rather DO the things that feed my soul even if my mind is playing tricks on me and telling me not to.

That’s when I go to bed satisfied. That’s when I walk through the day with a smile. That’s when I’m completely fulfilled!

So what’s it going to be? Will you be the victim of life or will you go after the things that feed your soul, the things you know you want, the things that fire you up. Will you go after it? Or do you want to sit and be comfortable?

The decision is yours! It begins within 💫💜✨

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